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Allied Roofing, a Colorado roofing contractor, has been building high quality custom roofs since 1975. We install roofing systems throughout the greater Denver area, specializing in composite roofs that will last for thirty to forty years. We handle all the major quality brands of roofing and we are the leaders when it comes to installing a beautiful, long lasting roofing system on your home.

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Roofing Materials and Supplies
Roof Coating's
Custom Sheet Metal
Custom Skylight's
Metal Roof Panels
Snow guard's and snow fence
Heated gutter and roof supplies
Caulking & Waterproofing supplies
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Windows & Siding
We are committed to providing you the best in energy saving products and to solving all of your exterior home improvement needs. At Allied, our customers and suppliers have recognized us as the industry leader for our commitment to sales integrity, quality installations, and dedication to customer service and satisfaction. We are committed to using only premium products guaranteed to last a lifetime, while increasing the comfort, resale value, and overall appearance of your home.

Gutter Covers/GutterGlove
We've done the research, so you don't have to! We have the gutter guards you need from economical gutter screens,to hybrids, to durable guards that are scientifically tested and proven to keep debris out of your gutters!!! Never clean your gutters again!! Gutter covers such as GutterGlove or GutterDome are a permanent solution for a reoccurring annual problem. Each year countless hours are spent cleaning clogged and debris filled rain gutters. This is a time consuming and dangerous task which is eliminated by installing gutter guards and heated gutter systems.
We are your one stop shop for Gutter Guards!!!

Snow Fence & Cleats
Snow Guards are designed to prevent snow slides. They hold the snow evenly over the entire roof allowing it to melt gradually and drain off into gutters and leaders.
Even distribution of snow weight
Prevents snow overloading at gutters
Safety in traffic areas such as walkways, patios etc.
Prevents damage, leaks and ice dams
Snow Guards for all Roof Types:

Custom Sheet Metal
- Architectural, structural standing seam roof panel
-Custom roof and wall flashing, trim, water collectors, downspouts
-Kynar coated metal 35+ year warranties -Full Spectrum of color options
-Copper Our full line of Metal building and roofing products are beautiful and durable.

Construction demands longevity and green building and metal is one of our preferred choices. Qualified to meet California cool roof high requirements, cool coated metal roofing is one of our top "green" products and the additional cost really pays off in energy savings. Our skilled estimators excel at troubleshooting difficult detail and advanced sheet metal design...

Construction Materials
Gutterglove, Gutter Dome
Rain Gutters, Heated cable & supplies
Custom Sheet Metal, walls, studs etc.
Most products manufactured in the United States of America
Many products manufactured in Colorado
Caulking and waterproofing supplies
Roof Coating
Ice & Water shield
And Much More....

Allied can offer all of these above standard insulation products and services right now, and that's only the beginning. The future will see a lot of new and exciting thermal and acoustic products and services coming on board to buy . . . full service supply and install options, free onsite quotes, even a tendering assistance service.

Solar Panels
Allied carries a variety of panels from top manufacturers. But panels themselves are only a part of what it takes to run a PV system. In addition to panels, you will need several other components as well as a realistic assessment of your energy goals and current usage. Solar is an extremely flexible energy source and it can be modulated to meet nearly any energy requirements. But the first step towards meeting those requirements is a realistic assessment of what your energy needs are. Contact Allied today for a free estimate.